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Services Provided to the Community

The District is responsible for the maintenance and repair of certain areas within the district boundaries, which include portions of the St. Lucie Business Park, the Villages of Lake Lucie residential community, and includes the maintenance of lakes, a fountain, swales, and preserves. The entranceway, common area landscaping, street lighting, and general areas in need of improvement are the responsibility of the HOA. The day to day operations are handled by the Community Manager, CDD Board, and the District Management Firm.  

Storm Water Management System

The lake system is designed not only to receive and convey storm water but also to store and improve the storm water quality through filtration of nutrients by the soil and littoral plants in and around the lakes.

The lake system is divided into drainage basins. These basins usually consist of a series of inter-connected lakes that receive stormwater run-off from the surrounding area and store that stormwater to a certain control elevation. While the stormwater is staged in these basins it seeps into the surrounding ground. Additionally, sediments and impurities are allowed to settle out, be absorbed by aquatic plants, or broken down by natural bacteria in the lake thus improving the storm water quality.


The lake shore (or littoral zone) is the shallow area along the shoreline of a lake or pond that supports diverse communities of rooted plants and serves as food, habitat and protective shelter for fish, insects, amphibians and other aquatic animals. These diverse plant communities also provide cover and nesting materials for a variety of wild birds and mammals. Management of the littoral zone is often necessary in systems altered by humans, and they stabilize the shoreline which mitigates the erosive potential of rain runoff.

Stormwater systems eventually discharge into preserve areas and run out of the community.


The District provides irrigation to the 156 residential units.